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High quality tungsten carbide granules alloy grits


Price: $50.00 / Kg
  • Min. Order:
  • Product Code:A09C001C001
  • Model:
  • Processing Level: ISO9001:2008
  • Grade:K10, K20, K20, K40, M10, M20
  • Finished goods inventory:
  • N.W:
  • Specification:16-30mesh Mesh Size
  • Tolerance:16-30mesh Mesh Size
  • Delivery time:10 days
  • Origin:China
  • Shipping:Free Shipping to United States via ePacket
  • Operator telephone:0086 13556201201
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92%WC and 8%Co

Performance Index

Packing Instructions

High quality tungsten carbide granules In iron box or in catioon


Tungsten carbide grit also called tungsten carbide granules, carbide grits, it is used to welding or soldering onto a steel body, to increase the wear resistance properties. Tungsten carbide grits can also be made to other products to increase the durability, such as tungsten copper welding rods(composite rods), cast tungsten carbide welding rods, mining drills, saws, etc. Application The tungsten carbide grit is suitable for hard facing material. 1 mesh to 12 mesh: used for wear-resistant electrode and mace electrode; 10 mesh to 60 mesh: used for saw blade or play a role of wear-resisting welding in the metal surface.

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