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Cemented Carbide Seal Ring


Price: $50.00 / PCS
  • Min. Order:
  • Product Code:G07C001C002
  • Model:Kinetic seal-ring and static seal-ring
  • Processing Level:Custom According to Customer's Drawing
  • Grade:YN6/YN8
  • Finished goods inventory:
  • N.W:
  • Specification:HRA hardness:86-93HRA
  • Tolerance:HRA hardness:86-93HRA
  • Delivery time:3-7Day
  • Origin:China
  • Shipping:Free Shipping to United States via ePacket
  • Operator telephone:0086 13556201201
  • Operator

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Packing Instructions

plastic box, carton box or plywood box. We are responsible for the damage caused in the course of transportation.


The cemented carbide seal-ring can be divided into both or the kinetic seal-ring and static seal-ring, and constitutes mechanic seal together with the spring, rubber seal-ring and steel jacket. It will be used mainly for waste water pump,water discharge pump for mines, centrifugal pump, centrifuge, slag slurry pump and slurry abrasion and corrosion. The seal-ring will be installed on the pump body and rotating axle, and forms through the end face of the kinetic and static ring a liquid or gas seal.

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